Friday, January 8, 2010

Initial Attitude Survey

As you prepare to attend a class on the Tarot it is helpful for you to get an idea of your current understanding and presuppositions about the Tarot. There are many different opinions and ideas in the world about these cards. Take this survey and while it is a bit comical do consider carefully what you think about the Tarot, what you questions are about a deck and what it is you would like to learn and do with the Tarot.
In answering the question on the survey you may not find one that is exactly what you believe but the options cover a range of opinions so choose the one that is closest to your current response to the question.

1. Which of the following best describes your attitude toward the Tarot today?
· A. I am absolutely and totally convinced that Tarot is bunk. It's the stuff of store front psychics and frauds and cheats. It is for weak-minded people who need to be told what to do and can't bear to think for themselves. It's right up there with rabbits' feet and lucky charms and "Things that go bump in the Night." I'm as likely to use Tarot for personal insight as I am to use leeches to reduce my blood pressure
· B. I wouldn't say Tarot is a fraud, but I'm not convinced Tarot "works" in any meaningful way. Very likely, most of what Tarot has to say is so general that it could be made to fit any situation . . . and any success in prediction is more a matter of coincidence than anything else.
· C. At this point, I don't have an attitude toward Tarot either way. I am completely neutral.
· D. I think something might be going on with Tarot -- but I'm not sure what, or why. I've seen some peopled do things with the cards that I found interesting, and I'm intrigued by the possibilities. While I'm not quite ready to put on a turban and call myself "The Great Mysterioso," I am curious and I’d like to know more.
· E. I'm absolutely, totally convinced that Tarot works. I’ve got a Tarot collection that shocks most of my family and friends, and I consult the cards on a regular basis. I guess you could call me a True Believer -- in fact, I think the world would be a better place if everyone owned a deck of Tarot cards and used them every day.

2. How likely are you to "have your cards read" by someone else?
· A. Not very likely. Frankly I'd rather have a long, slow root canal.
· B. Somewhat likely. I might do it if you paid me, for example.
· C. Likely. I think it would be cool to have this done every so often.
· D. Very Likely. I'd like to have my cards read at least once a month or so.
· E. Extremely Likely. In fact, I want a reading every hour on the hour, just in case there's something coming up I really need to know about.

3. How likely are you to "read the cards" for yourself?
· A. Not very likely. I'd just as soon try to divine the future using raw goat livers.
· B. Somewhat likely. I stopped thinking Tarot was cool when I stopped attending slumber parties with other neighborhood nine-year-olds.
· B. Likely. I've read my own cards pretty often. I do, however, have a life, so my interest waxes and wanes over time.
· C. Very Likely. In fact, Tarot cards are a regular part of my routine.
· D. Extremely Likely. I dare not make a single move without pulling a card from my trusty Tarot companion. In fact, before answering this question, I pulled a card that told me which answer to choose. Now, thought, you'll have to excuse me: I have to finish this survey so I can finish my pre-lunch Tarot card reading so I won't be late for the one scheduled in the early afternoon.

4. Do you "read the cards" for other people?
· A. Nope. Never.
· B. I might have , once or twice, but I managed not to make a habit of it.
· C. I read for others about as often as I go to church -- once or twice a year.
· D. I deliver at least one reading a month.
· E. I read for others on a daily or weekly basis.

5. How spooky, scary, or "occult" do you think Tarot is?
· A. It's not spooky . . . . it's just plain stupid.
· B. I don't think it is spooky at all.
· C. Okay, I admit it's a little spooky . . . you know, like a creepy movie can be spooky, but in a good, nonthreatening way.
· D. Tarot is pretty darn spooky. In fact, I get goosebumps just looking at the cards.
· E. Tarot is hands-down the most terrifying thing in the universe, apart from a long, slow IRS tax audit.

6. To what extent do you thing taking classes will influence your attitude toward Tarot?
· A. I know it all about most subjects, and Tarot is no exception. Taking classes will do little more than confirm my preconceptions that Tarot is just so much New Age metaphysical gobbledygook.
· B. The classes might change my attitude a little . . . but I am not expecting much.
· C. I'm unsure how classes will change my attitude toward Tarot.
· D. I think that a few informative classes is likely to suggest a new understanding of Tarot and provide new application and uses for Tarot that I will find useful and beneficial.
· E. I think that learning more about Tarot will absolutely and totally convert me to the Tarot cause. In fact, I'm almost certain that after completing a few of these classes I will quit my day job and start teaching Tarot and reading the cards for a living.

7. Complete this sentence: "At this point, I think Tarot cards can effectively and beneficially be used for . . . "

· Swindling the weak minded
· Revealing set futures that are fated to come to pass
· Exploring many possible futures
· Brainstorming new ideas, answers, and approaches
· Leveling a short table leg.
· "Seeing what you think" about a situation or question.
· Trying out a strategy or solution before putting that strategy or solution into place in real life.
· Boosting personal creativity.
· Improving your own intuition.
· Facilitating meditation.
· Building attractive card houses.
· Anticipating the most likely outcome of a given situation.
· Increasing your awareness and make you more perceptive.
· Enhancing your feelings of control and confidence.
· Communicating with the Dead.
· Enhancing your objectivity with regard to a question or situation.
· Writing and telling interesting stories.
· Frightening children (and some adults) at slumber parties and Halloween.
· Working magic and casting spells.
· Playing a trick-taking game like Bridge, Rook or Spades.

8. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1= "not certain at all" and 10 = "extremely certain") how certain are you that you can look at a Tarot card and determine what that card means?

1      2       3         4      5         6     7     8        9       10

9. How likely are you to buy a Tarot deck for yourself in the next month?
· A. Very Unlikely. If I wanted to waste money on card games, I'll go to the casino.
· B. Unlikely. But who knows? I do all kinds of strange things when I drink.
· C. Unsure.
· D. Likely. In fact, owning a new deck seems like a pretty cool idea.
· E. Very Likely. In fact, I'm thinking of converting my spare bedroom into a vault for my growing collection.

10. What information would you most like to see covered in a class? (Check the three to five you would like most to see covered.)
· General Card Meanings
· Reading Techniques (Reading for Others)
· Understanding of Reversals (Upside down Cards)
· How to use and explore Spreads
· Personal Discovery using the Tarot
· History and Development of Tarot
· The Fool's Journey (Narrative Approach to the Tarot)
· Meditation and the Tarot
· Dream Exploration
· Tarot Deck specific study (Studying one specific Tarot deck)
· The Golden Dawn and its influence on Tarot
· Astrology and Kabala in the Tarot
· Court Cards and significators
· Tarot and Creativity
· Tarot and Intuition

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